Board of Directors

President - Ned Van Roekel
Vice President - Lori Lietzke
Secretary - Karla Cristi
Treasurer - Gerald Verhasselt
Kim Caneer
Nancy Dwan
Don Eastman
Jeffrey Froke
James Fuqua
David Tappan


Forester - Cassady Bill Vaughan
Legal Counsel - Paul D. Gullion, Esq.

Office Contact

About Us

The Del Monte Forest Conservancy (DMFC) is a non-profit 501.C (3) organization which conserves, acquires and enhances lands dedicated to open space within Del Monte Forest. Currently, DMFC manages approximately 700 acres of open space, second only to the Pebble Beach Company in the amount of land it controls. Some of those lands are also managed for recreation. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets every other month. The Board is comprised of a maximum of twelve directors who must be resident property owners within the Del Monte Forest.

Open House

Left to right: Nancy Dwan, Jerry Verhasselt, Lori Lietzke, Kim Caneer, Don Eastman, Suha Kilic

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To protect and maintain open space, DMFC follows the Forest maintenance policies and guidelines developed by the botanists and ecologists of the Open Space Advisory Committee. DMFC has a contract with Cassady Bill Vaughan, Registered Professional Forester and ISA Certified Arborist, to accomplish its open space maintenance responsibilities.

Charitable contributions enable DMFC to fulfill its mission to conserve Del Monte Forest for the enjoyment of current and future generations.